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Due to a family wedding the restaurant will be closed on Tuesday 29th August.

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Item Takeaway
Sheek or Shami Kebab£3.75
Kakra Kebab: Lightly spiced crab cakes deep fried£3.75
Aloo Pattice: Spicy potato cake cooked in golden bread crumb and deep fried£3.50
Mincy Dim: Fresh spiced mince topped with a delicately flavoured egg£3.50
Spicy Raan: Succulent pieces of marinated roast chicken. Served with thick spicy sauce£3.75
Jafflong Wing: Char grilled marinated chicken wings£3.50
Spicy Bites (ideal to share): Mixture of lamb Tikka, chicken Tikka, sheek kebab and meat somosa£7.95
Chingri Projapati: King prawns in spicy batter deep fried£5.95
Murog Pakora: Diced chicken in spicy batter£3.50
Garlic King Prawn: whole roasted king prawns in garlic.£5.95
Prawn Cocktail£2.95
Prawn Puri: Small shrimps simmered in light spices, served on a thin deep fried bread£3.75
Samosa: Triangular shaped pastry filled with salmon, cheese, meat or vegetable£3.5
Chicken Tikka: Chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices. Grilled in tandoor£3.75
Lamb Tikka: Lamb marinated in fresh herbs and spices. Grilled in tandoor£3.95
Onion Bhaji£3.50
Chicken Chat£3.75
Chicken Kufti: Shredded pieces of chicken, potato, egg, fresh coriander and spices made into delicious deep fried crispy balls£3.75
Aloo Chat: Potato curried in special Chat Masallan/a
Vegetable Piaza: Spiced shredded onion, pepper and mixed vegetables bound with grain flower deep fried crispy.£3.50
Machi Bora: spicy fish cake£3.75
Jal Zeera Murgh: Tender fillet of chicken breast in cumin flavour and griddle fried very tender and crispy.£3.75
Garlic Chicken: Chicken marinated in a garlic sauce with various spices roasted in a clay oven served with salad.£3.75
Vegetable Biryani: Spicy mixed vegetable with scrambled egg.n/a
Chefs Spicy Chicken Bite (ideal for sharing): Barbecued chicken cooked from tandoori clay oven with spinach, fresh mint coriander and tandoori's special sauce which makes a real tandoor favourite.£7.95
Harreyaly Murgh Tikka: Barbecued chicken cooked from tandoori clay oven with spinach fresh mint, coriander and tandoori's special sauce which makes a real tandoor flavour.£3.75
Mushroom Piaza: Stir fry mixed with red and green peppers with onions£3.50
Le Raj Platter (ideal to share): Selection of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Mince Kebab stir fried with green peppers, onions, herbs and spices.£7.95
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