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Item Takeaway
Chana Battura: Chick peas cooked in thick sauce with tomato puri, master seed, onion seed, coriander and essicated coconut. Served with deep fried puffed bread£5.95
Paneer Tikka: Home made cottage cheese cooked in Tandoor served with salad and coconut chutney £7.95
Shabzee Makhani: Delicately spiced mixed vegetable in a mild sauce made of butter, cream, almond and coconut£5.95
Katchuri Dhansak: Crsipy lentil and rice balls in a hot, sweet and sour sauce£5.95
Thali: An assortment of vegetables served with rice and poori£9.95
Shabzee Jalfrezi: Mixed vegetables cooked in freshly ground spice and hot green herbs garnished with fresh green chilli and coriander£5.95
Butternut Squash Masala: Roasted butternut squash cooked in a masala sauce.£5.95
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