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Item Restaraunt
King Prawn Karahi: King prawns seasoned in garlic, ginger, coriander and cooked in a richly spiced sauce with green peppers, tomato and ginger£11.95£8.95
Rajastani Lamb Aloo (Hot): with baby potato£8.95n/a
Rajasthani Red Chilli Chicken (hot): Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked with fresh garlic, mustard, chilli sauce, served with crispy red chillies. A great favourite.£8.95£6.25
Nariyalwala Gosht (mild): Lamb curry coconut and curry leaves.£8.95£6.25
Murghi Mossaka (medium): Tandoori chicken strips cooked with spicy minced lamb with a touch of rich masala sauce.£8.95£6.25
Shatkara Lamb (hot or medium): Lamb cooked with traditional Bangladeshi citrus fruit (shatkora) to give a subtle tangy flavour.£8.95£6.25
Chef's Special Green Tikka Curry: Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked with fresh garlic, coriander, fresh mint, spinach and chef's special made green sauce with a touch of coconut milk for the flavour.£8.95£6.25
Khashir Kalia (slightly hot): Fillet of Lamb cooked with potatoe garam masalla, mysore chilli perfect balance of hot and spicy finished with fresh coriander.£8.95£6.25
Mughal E Makhani: Lamb or chicken mildly spiced, roasted in a clay oven. Served with a delicious sauce, cooked with butter, cream, almond and coconut£8.95£6.25
Lamb Badam Pasanda: Tender lamb delicately spiced, cooked with yoghurt, nuts and cream flavoured with a touch of red wine£8.95£6.25
Karahi: Lamb or chicken marinated in garlic, ginger, coriander cooked in a richly spiced sauce, with green pepper, tomato and onion£8.95£6.25
Chicken Chilli Masalla£8.95£6.25
Rajastani King Prawn Curry (Hot)£12.95n/a
Jalfrezi: Lamb or chicken cooked with freshly ground spice in a thick fairly hot sauce. Garnished with strips of green chilli, ginger and fresh coriander£8.95£6.25
Chicken Tikka Bhoona: Tandoori chicken tikka cooked with onion, freshly ground spices and green herbs in a thick medium curry sauce£8.95£6.25
Jinga-e-Allo: Bengali tiger prawns with potato cooked with chef's special recipe.£9.95£6.25
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