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Item Restaraunt
Harreyaly Murgh Tikka: Diced chicken breast marinated in a green sauce of pureed coriander and mint, tamarind, spinach, spices and herbs. Cooked in tandoor for taste.£9.95£6.95
Sizzling Chicken Nawabi: Sliced tender chicken breast cooked with butter, ginger, green pepper and onion. Served with brandy flame£11.95£6.25
Tandoori Mixed Platter: Selection of tandoori delicacies, tandoori king prawns, tikka chicken, tikka lamb, tandoori chicken and sheek kebab with plain nan£12.95£9.95
Tandoori Chef's Special: Diced chicken barbecued on skewers with tomato, capsicum and onion cooked with a touch of brandy and fresh cream£9.95n/a
Tandoori Trout With Salad: A fresh trout marinated in yoghurt and spices then cooked in the tandoori£9.95£7.95
Shaslik (Chicken or Lamb): Barbecued on skewers with tomato, capsicum and onion£10.95£6.95
Tandoori Chicken: Tender half chicken marinated in yoghurt with spices, barbecued on charcoal in a clay oven£8.95£5.95
Tikka Masalla (Chicken or Lamb) : Tikka cooked in a special sauce of yoghurt, herbs and spices£8.95£6.25
Tandoori King Prawns Masalla: Spicy roasted king prawns cooked in a special sauce of yoghurt, herbs and spices£12.95£8.95
Tandoori Duck (with Salad as a Carry Out)£11.95£8.95
Tandoori King Prawns Khazana: King prawns roasted in a clay oven then cooked in thick spicy sauce. Served with stir fried spicy aubergines garnished with fresh coriander and safron onions£12.95£8.95
Tikka's (Chicken or Lamb): Marinated chicken or lamb grilled in clay oven£9.95£6.25
Tandoori Shaslik Masalla£11.95n/a
Tandoori King Prawns: King prawns delicately spiced, cooked in a clay oven£13.95£8.95
Salmon Tikka: Marinated Salmon fish cooked in a clay oven.£10.95£6.25
Garlic Tikka Shashlick: Charcoal grill chicken roasted with onion, green and red peppers and tomatoes. Served with delicious bhuna sauce.£11.95£6.95
Sumundori Jinga Tikka: Marinated tiger prawns grilled in a clay oven.£12.95£7.95
Garlic Chicken: Chicken marinated in a garlic sauce with various spices roasted in a clay oven.£9.95£6.25
Garlic King Prawns: Marinated with garlic paste and spices, roasted in clay oven£12.95n/a
Tandoori Feast Grill: Pieces of chicken tikka, garlic tikka, harreyali tikka, lamb kebab and fish tikka.£11.95£7.95
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