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Item Restaraunt
Motor Ponir: Peas & homemade cottage cheese£3.55£2.75
Rajasthani Aloo: Baby potato marinated in spicy sauce, deep fried, gently cooked in a sauce made of fresh garlic, mustard, chilli and spices£3.95n/a
Saag Ponir: Spinach & homemade cottage cheese£3.55£2.75
Shabzee Bhaji: Mixture of fresh vegetables£3.55£2.75
Mushroom Bhaji£3.55£2.75
Cauliflower Bhaji£3.55£2.75
Saag Bhaji£3.55£2.75
Chana Masalla: Chick peas£3.55£2.75
Saag Aloo: Fresh spinach & potatoes£3.55£2.75
Bombay Aloo: Spicy hot potatoes£3.55£2.75
Bindi Bhaji: Okra£3.55£2.75
Brinjal Bhaji: Aubergines£3.55£2.75
Aloo Gobi: Potatoes & cauliflower£3.55£2.75
Tarka Dall: Lentils in garlic£3.55£2.75
Rajma Bhaji: Kidney beans in a spicy sauce.£3.55£2.75
Baigan Choley Masala: Spicy aubergine cooked with chick peas and finished with a touch of rich masala sauce.£3.55£2.75
Saag Dall: Spicy spinach with lentils.£3.55£2.75
Keema Motar: Spicy mince lamb cooked with green garden peas.£3.55£2.95
Spicy Dall: Spicy lentils cooked with garlic and shrimp powder£3.55n/a
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